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Our grocery-anchored shopping centers in offer many opportunities to lease retail space in well-populated suburban locations. Our ‘locally smart’ leasing professionals are market experts and can help find your perfect fit.

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Our centers provide an ideal home for retailers of all varieties and sizes. Our portfolio of properties includes several move-in ready spaces, whether it’s retail you’re looking for or a turn-key restaurant, salon, or medical office.

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How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Salon Space to Lease

Is it time to open, move, or grow your salon space? Whether you’re focused on hair, nails, or other services, you’re going to want to find the perfect space for your new location.  But what should you look for? Here are some things to consider when searching for your perfect salon space to lease.   Demographics The demographics of the area around your new space are vital.  The demographic of a potential location should matc...


Prepare to Find the Perfect Salon Space

What advice does a new business owner need to hear when considering leasing salon space? Here's our list of questions that any salon owner should ask themselves in preparation of finding the perfect salon space. Questions to ask when you are looking to open a new salon: Is your type of business missing in the area? Meaning, is there a need? Is your type of business missing in the shopping center? Who is your customer? Inc...


Considerations Before Leasing a Salon Space

Veteran business owners and new entrepreneurs alike know how important location can be to your success. Whether you are opening your first salon, or expanding your business and looking for salon space to open additional locations, you should know the answers to these five fundamental questions BEFORE leasing salon space: Business Plan - Do you have a business plan? This will be a good indication of your business acumen and al...


Tips for Operating a Successful Salon

Starting your own salon business can be scary and the wide variety of information and host of opinions and advice can get a little overwhelming. To simplify, consider the 5 simple P’s: Product - You need to figure out what your business is going to sell and make sure it is a quality product. Does your product provide more value than your closest competitor? Price - Determine the right pricing for your product. You want to be...


Salon Lease Terms to Know

Are you planning to sign a lease to open your new salon soon?  If so, here’s 5 terms that you might see in your new salon space lease.  Understanding these terms will help your new salon opening go more smoothly.  NNN (also known as Triple Net) – Many leases are what’s called triple net (NNN).  This means that in addition to rent, the tenant also pays a share (usually its “pro rata” share – see below) of the shopping center’s...


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