Investment Criteria and Targeted Markets

The PECO Development and Redevelopment Team explores opportunities in major markets throughout the US, as well as high-growth and well-located emerging markets surrounding major MSAs. PECO's portfolio is geographically diverse, we are currently seeing high demand for grocery-anchored shopping centers in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions.

PECO considers partnership structures to execute on its grocery-anchored shopping center development goals, working closely with local owners and investors to maximize a property’s return potential. We are exploring residential and office partners to develop mixed-use centers that offer single or multi-family housing or entertainment uses in addition to the grocery and retail components that PECO manages and leases.

Whether through a partnership structure or a typical land acquisition and development model, PECO’s Development and Redevelopment Team is equipped with the expertise, external relationships, and integrated operating platform to execute new grocery-anchored developments that will deliver long-term growth and value creation.

Consistent Design and Branding

The PECO Development and Redevelopment Team strives to create shopping centers with a consistently high level of quality that can be tailored to the grocer's design preferences and the specific market and local trade area.

We partner with highly-regarded architecture firms to deliver both functional and attractive designs that will complement and enhance the communities we serve and create a positive shopping environment to benefit our Neighbors and their customers.

Rosamond Pkwy_S01 Overall
Rosamond Pkwy_S02 North End Cap
Rosamond Pkwy_S02 Patio Option
Rosamond Pkwy_S03 Intermediate
Rosamond Pkwy_S04 Ale House
Rosamond Pkwy_S04 South Drive-Thru
Rosamond Pkwy_S05 Grocery
Rosamond Pkwy_S06 Pad Building
Rosamond Pkwy_S07 Pad Building
Rosamond South Site Plan

Greg Clough



Tony Edwards



Tony Haslinger



Completed Projects

We are pleased to have completed projects with leading grocers such as Publix and Pete’s Market. Our experienced and dedicated team can efficiently take the project from concept to opening. We pride ourselves on partnering with our retailers and the community to create a great grocery-anchored shopping experience. Check out some of our completed projects below.

Rockledge, FL

Full Tear Down, Rebuild Publix Project
Completed 2022

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