Our mission is to create great omni-channel grocery-anchored shopping experiences and improve communities, one shopping center at a time.

Our core values align with and support our corporate responsibility and sustainability framework and mission, guiding our decision-making processes throughout our Company.

Do the Right Thing


We do the right thing. Even if it isn’t always the easy thing.

Have Fun and Get it Done


We know when it’s time to work hard and work smart. But most importantly we know when it’s time to have fun!

Think Big. Act Small.


We have big dreams and goals that we’ll achieve by working together as a family and preserving our small company mentality.

Always Keep Learning


Things constantly change, and the best way to be successful is through constantly learning.




Our corporate responsibility framework, which we refer to as our “PECO-ECO Promise”™, aligns to our mission, core values and strategic initiatives. It reflects our commitment to our People - the PECO Team, Environmental Stewardship, Culture & Community, and Oversight & Ethics. Our PECO-ECO Promise™ further aligns to our Core Values and guides our decision-making processes throughout our Company. It serves to remind us of the broad impact of our business on our stakeholders and the communities we serve as one of the nation’s largest owners and operators of grocery-anchored neighborhood shopping centers.



Jeffrey S. Edison | Chairman and CEO

Our mission – to create great omni-channel grocery-anchored shopping experiences and improve communities, one shopping center at a time – defines who we are and what matters most to PECO. It is not just a statement. It’s a pledge to maximize long-term value creation for our stakeholders, be a best-in-class operator of neighborhood shopping centers, and prioritize corporate responsibility and sustainability as essential to our business, our culture, and our impact on the communities that we serve. At PECO, our culture is uniquely our own and grounded in the power of community – from our community of employees whom we call “associates” to the community of our tenants whom we call “Neighbors” to the community each shopping center creates and operates within.

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Water Conservation & Control

PECO places a high priority on water conservation at our properties, focusing on smart, efficient, and resourceful practices to reduce water usage. Irrigation, within our control at our properties, receives particular attention, with strategies like xeriscaping and smart irrigation controllers central to responsible water management.

As of 2022, 45 of our shopping centers have smart irrigation controllers, and we employ native plants for landscaping where feasible.


Energy Efficiency

We continue to focus on conserving energy throughout our portfolio in areas under our operational control. Our primary target for energy reduction remained exterior common area lighting, which constitutes our most significant source of energy consumption.

In 2022, our energy consumption amounted to 39,707,150 kWh, primarily sourced from purchased and consumed electricity.

2022 Highlights


Environmental Stewardship


147 active EV charging stations, a 62% increase since 2020


17 Solar array systems


56,889,650 gallons of water conserved, equivalent to approximately 86 Olympic-size pools


21.7% landlord-controlled waste diversion


Culture and Community


90% engagement rate on Associate Survey with a 96% completion rate


300 hours of community service completed by our Associates


6 consecutive years of a “Top Place to Work” recognition


52% of associates are female


Oversight and Ethics


5 out of 9 gender or ethnically diverse directors


6 years: Average Director Tenure


100% board member attendance at All Board and Committee Meetings


100% of associates have received and completed Compliance Training

Organizational Goals


Environmental Stewardship


Goal: Upgrade Landlord Controlled Parking Lot Lighting to LED
Target: 100% of properties by 2025

Goal: Reduce Landlord Controlled Waste to Landfills1 
Target: 25% reduction by 2030

Goal: Install EV Charging Stations
Target: 50% of eligible properties by 2030

Goal: Reduce Landlord Controlled Water Consumption
Target: 30% reduction by 2030


1Excludes waste generated from construction or redevelopment.


Culture and Community


Goal: Achieve Associate Experience Survey Participation Rate
Target: 85% or greater

Goal: Maintain Associate Engagement Index Score
Target: 85% or greater

Goal: Maintain Voluntary Turnover Rate
Target: Below 15%

Goal: Associate Support for Philanthropic Efforts (PECO Community Partnership)
Target: 30% or greater

Goal: Participation in Wellness Programs (one or more programs annually)
Target: 60% or greater

Goal: Average Annual Training Hours per Associate
Target: 15 hours or greater


Oversight and Ethics


Goal: Acknowledgement of Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Target: 100% of associates annually

Goal: Annual Ethics and Cybersecurity Training
Target: 100% of associates annually

Goal: Attendance at Board of Directors and Committee Meetings
Target: 75% or greater for directors

Goal: Attendance at Annual Meeting of Stockholders
Target: 75% or greater for directors