Published On Sep 28, 2018  
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Phillips Edison was recently awarded one of the ‘Best Places to Work’ in Cincinnati for the second year in a row. I have been fortunate to work with some great companies in my many years in the CRE industry, but PECO offers some unique benefits that set us apart from the rest. They may not be an official part of our benefits plan, but these “perks” create a sense of community in the workplace and enrich the daily lives of associates. Here are some of the “buzzworthy” benefits to being a part of PECO.

Wellness. Yes, many companies have wellness plans and programs, but I love the fact that our COO’s executive assistant teaches a daily workout program in our company’s fitness facility. Remote associates can Skype in to join the classes and people at all levels of fitness are encouraged to participate. PECO also has a company-wide team step challenge, dodgeball teams, and on-site weight loss clinics. Oh yes, and who doesn’t love the free fruit?

Transparency. Every associate attends our company’s Annual Meeting held in places like Louisville, KY and Nashville TN. We close the office for 2 ½ days so associates at all levels can celebrate our successes, hear about the key initiatives for the company going forward, and learn how their individual jobs connect to the organization’s overall goals. One of the most important parts of these events is the fun networking activities that help us connect as a team. From cardboard boat races in the pool to speed networking events, these interactive activities help associates from across the company – and the country – form lasting relationships that enhance collaboration and communication.

Fun. Each department sponsors various activities throughout the year. Designed to give the team a chance to relax, socialize and do some internal networking, recent events have included an ice cream social to celebrate National Ice Cream Month hosted by our marketing team, decorate your own donuts to celebrate National Donut Day hosted by our legal team, and a Wine and Cheese event sponsored by the construction department.

Executive Engagement. At some companies, many associates rarely have access to the C-suite. This is not the case at PECO. Our leaders are present and accessible to everyone. Our CEO has been known to take a group of associates out for a mountain bike ride, our COO has challenged many team members to ping pong games, and our CIO is a regular on the bowling team. Our executive team’s active involvement with associates and their open-door policy make for a culture that is truly collaborative at all levels.
Growth Opportunity. PECO encourages a culture of learning – and it truly is more than just a speaking point. When I joined the company and heard about PECO University, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the focus learning – with PECO offering development opportunities on everything from leadership and presentation skills to technology and innovation. On top of all that, our CEO was the inspiration to start PECO NOW, a group that is focused on developing females in our organization to help them achieve leadership roles.

This post may sound like I’m recruiting, but I am not. I’m proud to be a part of a company that focuses so much on creating a winning culture. And by leading the marketing team, I enjoy promoting the company and our culture on a daily basis.

What types of activities does your organization offer to make your company culture “buzzworthy”?

Cherilyn Megill
Cherilyn Megill
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