Published On Sep 15, 2014  
in  PECO Culture

A company’s success depends heavily on its team performing at a high level.  The ability to function and perform at this level is greatly aided by a healthy workforce.  Phillips Edison & Company understands this and is committed to the wellness of its associates.  Our wellness program offerings currently include free annual biometric screenings, gym membership subsidies, daily deliveries of fresh fruit in our Cincinnati office, and a variety of on-line resources offered through our health benefits partners.  We are proud of the options we offer our team, but we are also constantly looking for ways to bring even more healthy lifestyles and habits to our wellness program offerings. 

Today, we are extremely excited to announce our latest investment in health and wellness - PECO’s new Cincinnati office fitness center. The most frequently associate requested addition to PECO’s benefits and wellness offerings, this new resource gives our team the opportunity to stay fit at no cost to them and without having to drive to an off-site gym.   The fitness center is open seven days a week and features a variety of options including treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines for cardio training, an assortment of strength and weight training equipment, and even ping pong tables! The Mayo Clinic recommends, in general, 30 minutes of exercise daily to reap the benefits of controlling weight, improving mood, combatting disease and boosting energy.  This new addition to our wellness program makes 30 minutes daily even easier for our team, while supporting the culture of energy and performance at PECO.

Bob Myers
Bob Myers
Chief Operating Officer