Phillips Edison & Company is committed to making a difference in the communities where our grocery-anchored shopping centers are located. We are committed to becoming industry leaders in energy efficiency, alternative power sources, sustainable design, recycling and other initiatives that will help us preserve and protect the environment.

Our Green Options Team includes property management, construction, and development associates who are researching and implementing energy efficient and eco-friendly programs at our properties across the country. In addition to our active promotion of the principles of reduce, re-use and recycle, our team is focused on the rapid growth of multiple programs from water conservation to high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems. 

We’re finding that you can’t underestimate the power of simplicity in driving retail sustainability. Several of our simpler efforts have been creating significant impact as we scale them throughout our portfolio. Here’s an overview of those projects and some of their results:

To date, PECO has installed approximately 9.3 million SF of white reflective roofing. The results generated the equivalent of removing 19,836 cars from the road; planting 76,229 acres of trees; or reducing the energy usage of 8,486 households. 

Since 2010, PECO has installed or replaced over 3,500 tons of HVAC units with higher efficiency units, generating a total savings of $637,700 annually and a reduction of 5,212,200 Kwh annually.

In addition, over 6,400 existing interior T-12 lights have been installed or replaced with higher efficiency T-5 and LED lights, resulting in a total savings of $254,728 annually and a reduction of 2,190,208 Kwh annually. This is the equivalent of removing 318 cars from the road; planting 1,238 acres of trees; or reducing the energy usage of 318 households.

We’ve also been able to generate an impact with our exterior lighting program at 33 properties, generating $351,926 in annual savings and a 2,932,717 Kwh reduction – the equivalent of removing 426 cars off the road, planting 1,658 acres of trees, or reducing the energy usage of 185 households. 

We know we’ve made an impact, and we also know there is so much more we can do. Our work in this regard is never finished, and our team is currently focused on these exciting new Green Options initiatives:

  • Expanding the third-party solar energy program to provide tenants an alternative and less expensive energy source
  • Utilizing LED technology in pylon signage, under-canopy lighting and other appropriate areas
  • Training all regional property managers in the application of effective green technologies
  • Implementing sustainable design/construction initiative
  • Continued expasnion of the electric vehicle charging station infrastructure
  • Use of drone and artificial intelligence technology for property inspections
Find out more in our downloadable Environmental, Social and Governance Report.