10 Tips for ICSC RECon ‘Rookies’

Published on May 4, 2016 in Retail Real Estate Industry
Cherilyn Megill
Cherilyn Megill
Chief Marketing Officer

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Often referred to as the ‘Super Bowl’ of conventions for the commercial real estate industry, the ICSC RECon convention is only a few weeks away. Some RECon ‘rookies’ recently asked me how to prepare for the ‘big game’ and to give them some tips on making the most of their three days at the conference.   I shared the following 10 tips with them:

  1. Plan your outfits. I usually am an excellent packer and can manage a carry-on for most trips. However, for RECon, that’s not an option. Even though you could pack outfits that would work from day to night – it’s still more fun and will put you more into the spirit of the events if you glam it up for the cocktail receptions and dinners. And besides…it is Las Vegas! 
  2. Pack plenty of business cards. And then pack more. This is the holy grail of networking events so have your cards available for every event that you attend. I once was dining alone at a sushi bar and ended up chatting with a retailer who went on to do deals with my company.
  3.  Book your appointments early! Attendees’ calendars book up quickly so you don’t want to be left with your #1 prospects telling you that their calendar is full.
  4.  Wear comfortable shoes. I would love to be strutting my Christian Louboutin’s but for this event, those beautiful red soles will stay in my closet and I will opt for more sensible shoes. This is the time to invest in some good quality, comfortable shoes that have the proper fit. In fact, I recommend bringing a couple of extra pairs along each day since according to the experts, this changes the pressure points and support of your feet which provides some comfort to overused areas and activating different muscle groups. If you follow Phillips Edison on social media channels, stop by our booth at S233 Q Street, and we will give you a free pair of flip flops to ease your aching feet.
  5.  Don’t be shy! Remember that you never know who you’ll meet or where you’ll meet them – in the elevator, in that long cab line or sitting next to you at the blackjack table. Strike up a conversation wherever you are.
  6.  Carry snacks. Multiple cocktail receptions and late night dinners can equal hunger pangs. A bag of almonds or chips help your hunger - and your head the next morning.
  7. Don’t overindulge. There are always free drinks and lots of them. The famous Las Vegas saying – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – is not true. You’re traveling on business for your company and you want people to remember you for your professionalism and business acumen – not for your behavior as you experienced all that Las Vegas has to offer.
  8. Check out booths other than your company’s. You might find some great ideas for marketing your business, meet more contacts or at least pick up some fun giveaways for your kids.
  9. Plan on long taxi lines. No matter where you are, taxi lines are very long so plan accordingly by giving yourself extra time to get places. UBER is now available in Vegas so that should help this year.
  10. Enjoy! RECon is a great time to connect with industry friends or try a new chef inspired restaurant. I like to always find an opportunity to ‘check out some great retail concepts’… we are in the ‘shopping’ center industry after all.
Cherilyn Megill
Cherilyn Megill
Chief Marketing Officer