My Sweet Life as a PECO Intern

Published on July 20, 2018 in PECO Culture
Alex Siegmann
Alex Siegmann
Property Accounting Intern

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This month’s #PeopleofPECO theme is a swirl of everything sweet  and what’s sweeter than working at a job you love! Alex Siegmann has worked as a property accounting intern at Phillips Edison since December 2017. During his time here, he’s been able to indulge in the sweet rewards that PECO has to offer. From his ongoing work with leaders in his field to volunteering with his fellow interns, Alex shares why his experience with PECO is the cherry on top to end a perfect summer. Here is his story:

Life is always sweeter in the summer months – barbeques, pool-side fun, and cooling off with a scoop (or two) of ice cream are just a few things that make this time of year special. Among the medley of activities I enjoy during the summer, my experience at Phillips Edison takes the cake for being the sweetest of them all. Here are some highlights from my summer at PECO:

Meaningful Projects
Life as a PECO intern does not involve doing meaningless work or feeling like an outcast because you are not considered a full-time employee. As a PECO intern, you get exposure to real-world projects and acquire a breadth of knowledge not only about the department you are in, but the company you are working for. My experience here has been a huge influence on my happiness and is also what made it easy to stay with PECO for my second rotation as a property accounting intern.

My role as a property accounting intern involves helping the property accountants complete their functional tasks, as well as working on long-term projects. This is particularly sweet because I get to work alongside professionals in my field and collaborate with senior managers to complete impactful projects. Most recently, I have been heavily involved with billing common-area maintenance reconciliations, a main source of revenue for the company. Being able to be part of such a large project that directly impacts PECO’s bottom line is rewarding and exciting!

Activities, Activities
Apart from the projects I work on at PECO, I also get to take part in the tremendous amount of sweet activities they have to offer. I got to attend our department Christmas party at Main Event Entertainment the very first week I started. Immediately, I saw how PECO’s culture plays a big part in how the company operates, and I’ve embraced the “work hard, play hard” mentality alongside my peers.

In addition to accounting department events, the internship activities are a favorite of mine. Each rotation, PECO interns participate in a learning activity, a fun activity and a volunteer activity. Maybe it’s Top Golf one afternoon and a volunteer event with the Boy Scouts another day. The activities range, but each one is exciting and increases my appreciation for this company.

A valuable characteristic of PECO’s culture is to always keep learning; these intern activities continue to provide me the opportunity to learn more about my peers and projects that are occurring in other departments. Additionally, I recently had the opportunity to take part in interactive sessions led by Karin Hunt and Kevin Lees to learn more about the roles underwriting and finance play at PECO. Our Executive Vice President, Mark Addy, also gave an informative presentation about the current state of the grocery industry. It's clear that PECO works hard to ensure that all associates can advance their technical skills and their knowledge of the real estate and grocery retail industries.

Real World Opportunities
As a PECO intern, I have gotten opportunities I would have never expected walking in on my first day of work. Some of these opportunities have been challenging, but they have all been valuable and rewarding. My internship experience has taught me so much about working for a company that balances both work and play, and has energized me to always keep learning. The opportunity for me to work on meaningful projects while learning from my peers and senior level management makes for a sweet life as a PECO intern.

Alex Siegmann
Alex Siegmann
Property Accounting Intern