PECO NOW: Supporting and Developing Women in Commercial Real Estate

Published on February 3, 2016 in PECO Culture
Jeffrey Edison
Jeffrey Edison

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According to Catalyst data published in the Network of Executive Women’s recent annual report, the retail workforce is composed of 48% women, yet fewer than 2% of CEOs are women and only about 18% of corporate officers are women.  Yet, studies show that female leadership leads to higher profits and stronger corporate results. 

Supporting and developing female leaders has always been a priority for Phillips Edison & Company (PECO).  In 2014, we formalized our commitment to this by dedicating specific resources and creating a program designed to build awareness and the advancement of women to leadership roles.  PECO NOW (Networking Opportunity for Women) is an associate led-initiative whose mission is to recruit, retain and develop women in leadership within PECO by promoting, empowering and supporting women in their careers. 

PECO NOW takes a multi-faceted approach to this mission by offering a series of networking events, quarterly learning lunches, and scholarship opportunities such as:

  • Golf Scramble

This event helped participants improve their golf skills and become comfortable on the course so that the participants will be able to take advantage of the networking and business opportunities the game can offer.  Leading up to the event, accomplished golfers at Phillips Edison, both male and female, offered mentorship and training sessions for their less experienced counterparts. 

  • Fall Wardrobe Remix

Professional consultants provided one-on-one fashion consultations and all associates were invited to a “fall trends” presentation.

  • Charitable Giving

Gently used professional clothing was collected for local women’s organizations to help their members “dress for success.”

  • Wellness Week

Open to all associates, this PECO NOW sponsored event included free chair massages, yoga and exercise classes, “eat well” tips and other wellness information and events.

  • Wine Tasting Event

Participants sampled a variety of wines and were introduced to the nuances of this type of event. 

These and other events like them will help women at all levels develop both personally and professionally, and we are confident that this initiative will have a transformational impact on PECO as we continue to grow.  There is a wealth of talent in our organization who will continue to benefit from this initiative as they gain the tools needed to make an even bigger impact on the success of the company.

Jeffrey Edison
Jeffrey Edison