These 5 Top Grocers are Crushing it on Social Media

Published on August 28, 2017 in Technology and Retail Real Estate Industry
Cherilyn Megill
Cherilyn Megill
Chief Marketing Officer

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Social media has become a powerful platform for consumers as well as professionals. In the marketing industry, social media is a great tool for connecting with customers and building relationships with other businesses. Following key brands is also important for those marketing in the real estate industry. Since our company owns and operates grocery-anchored shopping centers, I like to follow grocers to gain deeper insights into what our largest tenants value most and to help me stay current with trends in the industry.
Here are five of the grocery retailers that I follow on social media:
1. Publix Super Markets
Why to follow: Great recipes, healthy food tips, and valuable information about products sold at supermarkets.
This grocery retailer operates in the southeastern United States and is known for its active social media presence and successful online marketing campaigns. Publix is praised for being one of the top companies for social engagement.  The landing page to their website is easy to navigate and filled with valuable information, and with more than 230K Twitter followers, the company has also developed quite a following.
Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Why to follow: Information about specials, grand openings, and how to spice up dishes with key ingredients.
ALDI’s social influence spans across a number of platforms, but its Twitter account is where the company’s social media influence is able to really shine through. Even with nearly 90K followers, ALDI manages to engage with the majority of @mentions directed towards them. In fact, they’re actually one of the top grocery retailers in terms of social engagement, and while their social media marketing content has slowed down over the past month-and-a-half, they continue to spend a lot of time and effort interacting with customers.
Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.
3. Whole Foods Market
Why to follow: Deals, news about new products, and entertaining content related to food and health.
When it comes to building an online presence, Whole Foods was one of the first grocery retailers to really get creative with their digital image. From informative newsletters to exciting new recipes, following this Austin-based company has always come with its own set of benefits. Whole Foods has more than 4.85 million Twitter followers and makes full use of this social media platform through interesting hashtags and Q&A sessions with their followers.
Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and Snapchat.
4. Kroger
Why to follow: Coupons, deals, useful content, company news.
Social media pages are loaded with coupons and offers that you can’t find elsewhere.  The Kroger Company is the second-largest grocer in the United States for a reason – they know what makes a great marketing campaign. From customer interactions to advice with cooking and cleaning, Kroger’s social media platforms are filled with incredibly useful information. Other features that make Kroger’s digital marketing campaign excellent the abundance of deals and coupons shared, as well as company’s willingness to engage with followers.
Follow them on Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.
5. Safeway
Why to follow: Recipes, new product information, company news.
Safeway does a good job of engaging customers in their Twitter feed by focusing many of their posts on fun things happening at local stores around the country and consistently responding to @ mentions.  Their Pinterest is a wealth of recipes conveniently grouped according to food type and/or characteristics ranging from “kids” to “vegetarian”.  Their Facebook page shares a good mix of recipes and product information.
Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.
Notable Mention: Amazon
Amazon’s success has been cutting into the profit margins of big box retailers across the country, and with the success of Amazon Fresh and the trial run of Amazon Go, the first smart grocery store without checkout lines, Amazon is changing the way we shop for groceries, clothes, and various other products. In addition, their social media accounts are filled with informative and enjoyable content, and they often interact with customers in a funny and personable manner online.
From a consumer’s point of view, following these companies is ideal for learning about new products, promotions, and discounts. In fact, specials are the number one thing on the mind of approximately 75% of people following grocery retailers.
From a marketing standpoint, staying up to date with the activity of big name grocers has helped me better understand how our department can meet the needs and expectations of our clients; for me specifically, the ability to connect with grocers online has greatly helped me stay current with changes in the fast-paced CRE industry.
Cherilyn Megill
Cherilyn Megill
Chief Marketing Officer