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This month’s #PeopleofPECO theme is all about being FIT. Whether that's staying fit in your day-to-day life or fitting into a community, new career, or in Allie’s case, a new position at PECO. Allie Luebbering started her internship at Phillips Edison in August of 2016. Coming off a prior IT internship, she was excited to see what a new company had to offer. She immediately loved being part of a collaborative team that encouraged a healthy work-school-life balance. When her internship ended, she knew that PECO was a good fit for her and accepted a position as Financial Systems Analyst. Here’s her story.

Being a woman working in IT, I always get asked the question, “What’s it like working in a male-dominated department?” My response is almost always the same: I do not feel a difference. At PECO, I am treated just like everyone else and given the same opportunity to succeed as the rest of the department. I have worked in IT departments before where I did not fit in and moved on to find the right place for me.

Part of the reason associates can succeed in the IT department here at PECO is because of the unique culture that is driven by associate connections. Within my first three months at PECO I had the pleasure to sit in on a session at the ComSpark conference featuring Shaun Smith, our Chief Information Officer.

Shaun spoke about how he retains talent within the IT department by making everyone feel connected. Whether the associates are multi-generational or have different backgrounds, his strategy is to bring topics and activities into the department that allow everyone to participate. Shaun’s commitment to a passionate, unified team is the main reason I knew PECO was going to be a good fit.

Beyond the team connections, one of the best perks about my PECO internship was the ability to work and go to school full-time. When I began at the University of Cincinnati, I expected to be in school for at least five years rotating semesters between co-ops and school. While working at PECO, I was able to work part-time, allowing me to finish school three semesters earlier.

I was also able to simultaneously take what I was learning in school and apply it to the projects I was working on at PECO, and vice versa. When most people hear the word “intern” they think of the person in the office that does the work no one else wants to do. At PECO, that is not the case. In one instance, I was able to get ahead in one of my classes by learning a new coding language at PECO before it was introduced in class.

From day one, I was given tasks and projects I still work on now as a full-time associate. The first report I ever worked on is still used almost every day by the Accounting Department! Not all internships give college students the same opportunities. It was clear PECO wanted me to succeed and gave me the tools to do so.

I knew within the first few months as an intern that this was the place I wanted to be. To me, PECO is more than just a place where I have been able to develop new IT skills. The incredible culture, learning opportunities, and responsibilities I was given as an intern continue to help me grow in my current role. From intern to Financial Systems Analyst, I’ve found my perfect fit.

Allie Luebbering
Allie Luebbering
Financial Systems Analyst
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