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Areas of Expertise and PECO Culture

Environmental sustainability has become an increasingly important focus for CRE organizations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and increase cost savings. At Phillips Edison, we invest in improving the environmental performance of our centers because we are committed to making a difference in the communities that our centers serve.

With growth comes great responsibility, and everyone at Phillips Edison is hands-on in our commitment to sustainable retail development. Noteworthy accomplishments from our sustainability efforts include the following:

·         To date, we have installed approximately 93 million SF of white reflecting roofing resulting in energy conservation savings equivalent to planting 76,229 acres of trees.

·         Since 2010, we have installed or replaced over 8,600 tons of HVAC units, generating higher efficiency and total savings of over $1.5 million annually.

·         In 2018, our centers saved approximately 35.8 million gallons of water through our irrigation control systems.

·         In 2018, we upgraded building lighting at 107 of our centers to LED lights to reduce energy usage.

The lasting impact of our efforts not only benefits our company, but most importantly, they benefit our retailers and the surrounding communities who shop at our centers.

Whether it be installing solar energy panels on the roof or implementing car charging stations, our mission remains the same: to provide stellar customer service and cost savings through sustainable engagement with our centers. In this video, Dawn Stamper, Vice President of Property Management and Tenant Relations, details how we work as a company to keep sustainability top of mind, always.

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