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Mother’s Day is Sunday and I have a very important public service announcement to make. For your convenience, I’ve bullet-pointed my announcement by reader group.

  • Moms: Take this Mother’s Day to invest in yourself.  You deserve it and so do your kids. (More on that in a minute.)
  • Kids: Encourage your mom to spend some time and money on herself.  She deserves it and so do you. (Read on for more on that.)
  • Husband/Spouses/Significant Others: Help the mom in your life find ways to give to herself. (Ideas on how to do this below.)
  • Dads Who Fill the Role of Mom: See “Moms”. You deserve this PSA too.

If you read all four, you probably saw a theme there. If you only read the one pertaining to you, good job skimming – the theme is that moms need to invest in themselves as much as they do everyone else. 
C and SYou see, moms spend a lot of time doing things for other people. They also spend a lot of money on other people. They change diapers, make meals, schedule appointments, heal boo-boos, wait at sports practices, play chauffeur and so much more. They also buy clothes, shoes, toys, electronics and…well…you get the point…kids are expensive and many of us moms struggle with denying our kids anything that doesn’t turn them into a delinquent. I personally have spent a small fortune on Legos and what feels like a significant portion of my life assembling them. (Let’s not talk about the number of times I’ve impaled my feet on them.) And let’s not leave out working moms – they spend countless hours making sure they get the job done and do it well.
The point here is that moms give. A lot. But they tend to forget to give to a very important person – themselves.  They forgo the hair appointment to pay for soccer and skip the exercise class to go to scouts. They sacrifice, willingly and lovingly, for their kids. (Yeah, I know, skipping exercise class might be a stretch for some of us as an example of sacrifice but I’m trying to include everyone so bear with me.) It’s a wonderful thing we do for the future generations, but too much of that sacrifice is harmful not only to the mom, but to the kids too. 
Think about it. By over sacrificing, we are teaching our children that this is the way life should be. Mom should give up everything, including herself, for the good of the family. And a tired, stressed, over-stretched (and in my case under-caffeinated) mom is not the most effect leader of the bunch, the best spouse or the best employee.  It’s extremely difficult to raise healthy, responsible, independent people or get that deal done at work or keep the floor clean of Legos (personal experience here) if mom is walking around in an over-tired haze of endless to-do’s. It’s time for all the moms (and their families!) to realize that when mom is happy, healthy and fulfilled, everyone does better. 
When mom is taking care of herself and investing in herself, she is better able to care of everyone she typically cares for and she sets a better example for self-care and how to live a more fulfilled life. (Think how much better she will be able to cope with the latest report card if she’s just had an hour to herself!) A well-rounded mom also models the life she wants for her kids. (If they see you learning, they’ll be happier about their own schooling and the success you could achieve at work might inspire them!)
So there’s my Mother’s Day PSA. It’s a reminder to moms to invest in yourself. And a reminder to families of moms to help her find ways to do that.
Moms: take the time to go to the doctor for that check-up, get your hair done or read a book. Spend a little money on your hobbies and things you enjoy. Learn new things, expand your world and invest in yourself.  Invest the energy that you spend every day on your family and all of your other responsibilities on yourself for once. You are worthy of this investment and spending time and money on yourself is an investment in your family. And don’t feel guilty about it. That only detracts from your investment. If you have to, write a note to yourself and stick on the mirror you look into most (you know the one in the car or the one behind the laundry room door – we all have a favorite for quick glances to see how badly our morning hair will embarrass the kids in the drop off line). Whatever it takes, remind you to invest in you. There’s only one you, after all, and your family needs you (who else is going to stay up all night making school crafts?)
Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you all take the time on Sunday to remember this PSA and find one small thing do to for you (or your mom).
P.S. This is an ongoing need – not just a Mother’s Day special. Do it. Every day. One small thing for you. Start today.

Cassandra Burnham
Cassandra Burnham
Associate Vice President of Content Marketing
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